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Tessfit Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot

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Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit

Designed for both
men and women
of all ages...

Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit

Enjoy Excercise
Fitness without the Gym

Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit
Designed for both men and women of all ages
Fitness without the gym
Nutrition without the confusion

Welcome to  Tessfit

Tessfit brings a completely fresh approach to fitness, exercise and nutrition in Newton Abbot.

Based on the belief that the best exercise is the one you enjoy, Tessfit is all about enjoyment.

Join me in the brand new studio at Steve’s Gym in Newton Abbot to become part of the Tessfit team!

Tessfit Taster

Hi everyone! Here is a taster of a Tessfit class, the clips are from Body Logic.

Tessfit approach elements

Body Logic and Pilatess Fintness Classes

Body Logic and PilaTess Classes

  • 1 hour class for £5
  • Fitness without the gym
  • Fun and inspirational
  • Designed to put the enjoyment back into exercise
  • Improves posture, muscle tone, balance and confidence
Body Logic
Tuesday: 6.30pm
Wednesday: 6pm
Thursday: 10am and 7pm
Monday –10am
Tuesday – 7.30pm
Thursday – 8pm
Body Blast
Monday – 7pm
Wednesday – 7pm
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Young at Heart classes at Tessfit

Young at Heart

  • 40 minute class for £4
  • Improve Mobility, strength, coordination and balance
  • All activities are adaptable to be performed within each person’s ability
  • Chairs are on hand throughout the class
  • Different equipment is used to keep things fun and interesting
  • Comfortable clothes and your enthusiasm are all that are needed
Young At Heart
Monday – 11am – 11.30am
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Personal Training

One to One Personal Training

  • An hours session for £30 giving you choice & flexibility
  • With motivation and personal attention your goals will become achievable
  • It is my job to ensure that each session is fun and challenging, you just have to join in!
  • Anyone who needs some uncomplicated ideas and motivation to kick start or improve their fitness needs to take that first step, call me!
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Nutrition & Weight Management Advice

Nutrition & Weight Management

  • Nutrition without confusion to help unscramble the jumble of information and mis-information and get you on the right track for a healthier lifestyle
  • Simple changes make big differences
  • A nutrition programme can be provided on its own or as part of a personal training programme
  • For an informal chat with no obligation just give me a call.
  • Our first meeting will be free of charge to simply discuss your needs.
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