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Tessfit Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot

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Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit

Designed for both
men and women
of all ages...

Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit

Enjoy Excercise
Fitness without the Gym

Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit
Designed for both men and women of all ages
Fitness without the gym
Nutrition without the confusion

Welcome to  Tessfit

Tessfit brings a completely fresh approach to fitness, exercise and nutrition in Newton Abbot.

Based on the belief that the best exercise is the one you enjoy, Tessfit is all about enjoyment.

Join me in the brand new studio at Steve’s Gym in Newton Abbot to become part of the Tessfit team!

Tessfit Taster

Hi everyone! Here is a taster of a Tessfit class, the clips are from Body Logic.

Tessfit approach elements

PilaTess – Pilates Classes

  • A Pilates class with the Tessfit twist!
  • Improves balance and core strength to help rid you of aches and pains and keep you injury free.
  • A mixed level class with exercises layered to suit all abilities.

Body Re-boot Classes

  • Ideal for anyone who feels their batteries have gone flat or have been out of exercise for a while.
  • People recovering from injury or with mild medical conditions would benefit from this zero impact class.
  • This class sits between Body Logic and Pilates in terms of effort required!

Body Logic Classes

  • Low impact class which uses the logic behind the work to get maximum results.
  • Increase fitness, flexibility and tone.
  • Inspirational and fun with great music.

Body Blast Classes

  • A more energetic vibe with various styles of interval training incorporated.
  • Varied and challenging.
  • Will get your heart pumping but not so fast you won’t want to come back!

Young at Heart Classes

  • Mobility, strength, coordination and balance are the aims of this sociable class
  • All activities are adaptable to be performed within each person’s ability
  • Different equipment is used to keep things fun and interesting

One To One Personal Training

  • First informal meeting free of charge to discuss your needs.
  • Teaching you to understand how your body works and what each exercise achieves.
  • Anyone who needs some uncomplicated ideas and motivation to kick start or improve their fitness needs to take that first step, call me!

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