Here is feedback and testimonials from my clients. If you are a client
please leave me some feedback on how it has been for you:

I was recommended to contact Tess by my physio Jenny Baker of sense and sensibility.  I had a brain haemorrhage and stroke in February 2020 and was initially paralysed on my left side.   Having previously been an active gym and exercise enthusiast I felt devastated by my injuries.  My one to one physio sessions have been invaluable and I continue with weekly treatments.   But I missed the challenge of working out 🏋️‍♀️.  After a number of personal training sessions where Tess worked with me to assess my ability she showed me how to adapt exercises to my capabilities, she soon got me to the stage where I felt comfortable to join her body reboot class.   Tess really helped me through a period of poor mental health by encouraging and motivating me to progress with my long and slow recovery.  Thanks Tess I have started to enjoy exercise again and now I’m physically strong enough to return to part time working.

If you need a boost to motivate your self and improve your self esteem Tess will help you get your life back on track – book a session and start feeling good again.

Paul Lewis

Got My Life Back On Track

Tuesday 3.30pm Feb 2021
Just back from my 7th or 8th 1-1 outdoor session in the park with Tess. I have such a good time doing this, it doesn’t feel like hard work, just fun. Tess finds all sorts of innovative ways to use benches, bridges, kerbs, bicycle stands. Who knew parks could be so exciting? It is so good exercising in the open air, no matter what the weather and by the end I feel so exhilarated. Roll on next week! Thanks a bunch, Tess .


Exhilarating Outdoor 1-1 PT Sessions

I have been a member of Tessfit classes for a few years now, and feel that without these twice weekly workouts Body Logic and Pilates (at the present moment I am doing both via Zoom on the same day due to lockdown – phew!!)  I know that i would not be as able to enjoy the different things I do i.e. walking the dog for miles, playing with my Great Grandson, both in ‘normal times’ and now without these exercises.

The classes are friendly, fun and able to be adjusted to your own capabilities. Please do give a class of your choice a try out – you will find out a lot of the ‘creaking’ is no longer there and  you will be surprised how many different people you meet who later become friends.


Jane Brimblecombe

Enjoying life thanks to the Live and Zoom classes!

Classes are always fun, Tess is always full of life and very supportive.

Gill Burns

Supportive but Fun!

I started with Tessfit right at the beginning, just because it was new. I had no intention of continuing beyond a few classes I knew from previous experience that I was likely to manage only a few before I found I was was bored or just couldn’t be bothered.
Years later I am still doing Tessfit classes, I have done body logic, body blast and pilatess. I have done live classes, video classes and zoom classes.
Why? because they are fun but most importantly the benefits outweigh the effort so I keep going………..
I am also addicted to smiling and the classes always make me smile!


These classes are for people who don’t like classes!

Key points about fitness classes are that they need to be paced carefully with clear and detailed instructions for all you have to do. This is even more important when we can’t be in the gym and need the Zoom type option. Tess gives you all this and those little reminders about which muscles/joints should be relaxing while others are working, very important when she can’t see us up close. Thanks Tess, keep up the good work.

Paul & Anthea

Clear & Detailed Instructions for Zoom

Tess is by far the best and most inspirational instructor I have come across. Having used gyms in several parts of the country and joined numerous exercise classes over the years Tess’ classes are hands down the best. Whatever your age or level of fitness there is something for you. She takes the time to adapt exercises so they suit you and the best part is they are FUN. I always leave with a smile on my face and often during the class there is laughter and a feeling of being part of something good. Throughout the pandemic classes have continued either by video or reduced sized classes briefly when permitted again in the summer now we have got live classes on Zoom and I love them. Keep up the good work Tess you are truly talented in how you inspire us all.

Susie Kings

Loving The Zoom Classes

I have always taken part in different types of exercise. There are three things that are really important for me. Exercise that uses all of my body, enjoyment/fun and feeling envigorated at the end of the class. I have only been going to Tessfit for a few weeks, but to my joy I have found all of the above in the classes I attend. I am one of the older members of the class, but I have every intention of returning to my three classes a week for many years to come. Thank you Tess

Jean Bennett

Feeling Envigorated

I’ve been attending Tessfit for around 4 years now, mostly Pilatess and occasionally Body Reboot & Body Logic. Tess is an amazing instructor – it doesn’t matter how much or how little you can do, the exercises are designed for different levels of ability so that everyone is able to achieve something. You will be encouraged to go just that little bit further than you thought possible but at no stage are you compared to others in the group. Also, if you have an injury or difficulty with movement, Tess will adapt exercises to suit you.
The sessions are full of humour and it’s a really supportive environment, which is a testament to how Tess treats everyone. Great music too, which helps to keep time! All you need to attend is loose clothing and a smile.
I can’t recommend Tess enough – I started as a means to help my flexibility but the classes have given me so much more and I’m looking forward to going back after lockdown.

Sharon Holman

Flexibility, adaptaions and so much more

I have come across a few fitness instructors but without doubt Tess is the best. I find her classes (when allowed) and her videos keep me interested, they are varied and challenging but there is something for everyone
Tess’s enthusiasm for her work and engaging instructions are very motivating, she always has a smile on her face and interacts with her class putting them at ease.
Highly recommended.

Heather Renshaw

Something For Everyone

I was born with CHD (shallow hip sockets) after many pelvic/hip/spine operations I have always been wary of any exercise. I joined TessFit last year in the Young at Heart classes which I absolutely love. (I am now doing Pilates 5 days a week by renting the Tessfit videos) My mobility has improved a great deal which has made my mind set 100% to tackle anything, in fact yesterday I had to climb through kitchen window because kitchen door handle had broken no way could I have done that before! I’ll admit I was a little scared at the start but Tess has encouraged me and given me tips on certain movements that my joints can’t do, its lovely when someone gives you belief in yourself. 🙂

Fran Lonngren

I now Feel I Can Tackle Anything

I have been going to Tess’s classes for a few years now. They are great for lifting your mood, always feel energised after the Pilates, & Body logic sessions Tess is a lovely person always cheerful, she has done a great job keeping me sane through lockdown a great motivator.

Linda Hayward

Feeling Energised

I attend Tess’s PilaTess classes and they are brilliant. Tess is a warm , welcoming and highly competent instructor and she also makes the classes light hearted, not too stuffy or scary. It really is a great class for any ability, there are always levels for the exercises to keep it right for you, based on experience/ability. Tess has great taste in music too, so the backing tracks are always good. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tessfit classes to you, whatever you’re looking to get out of exercise, Tess will make sure you get there in a fun and engaging way.

Carrie Piper

Warm, Welcoming & Competent

I’m not fit and I’m not a fan of exercise, so the fact I have heen attending Tess’ classes since September twice a week is testament to her -a fun 45 mins that gives me exercise safely and in a small supportive group- I would urge anyone to give it a go – classes are a good mix of fit and less fit – cardio – pilates- toning etc – give it a go ! Very well priced and I’m enjoying the current zoom version just as much

Tessa Adams

A Good Mix of Fit & Less Fit

Really enjoyed the Young at Heart classes which are just right for an older person and were recommended by Tess after trying Pilates which did not suit me. It’s great that Tess can see what everyone’s ability is so that they can go to the correct class. Can’t wait to get back to Young at Heart. Thank you Tess.

Linda Bearne

Young at Heart – Just Right

Feedback: Loved Tess’s classes always fun whichever class you chose.
Tess is a true pro, so many types and styles of fitness.
Tess is a lovely lady ***** five stars

Donna Jones

Always Fun

I have absolutely loved Young at Heart video no 19 it really suits my neck/shoulders/spine /hips and legs, I’ve done it every day for 5 days 🤗. No 18 next.

Loving Class Videos

Glad to be able to keep up with my pillates and body logic and joining the Friday night tipple with Tess.

Geoff Myers

Lockdown Routine

Finding all the Pilatess videos very good – some moves quite challenging for me but I tell myself it’s good for me. It’s nice to see your smiling face!

Dinah Botting

Pilates Videos

Thank you Tess for all these sessions, you have worked hard to keep us fit in lock down.  I have enjoyed all the sessions I have worked through so far it was great to see you are still as cheery as ever. I look forward to future sessions. But along with all of us can’t wait to be back all together.

Linda Hayward

Keeping Fit in Lockdown

I have known Tess far longer than either of us care to mention. Following knee surgery 6 years ago she was the first person I thought of to help with my rehabilitation and fitness.
Always encouraging and a super smile if your having a bad day an hours class always lifts your spirits. I am proud to call this lady my friend, don’t be fooled by the dizziness she is hard core 💪😎

Dawn Larner

Rehabilitation & Fitness

Whether its in person at the studio or online…Tessfit has now become part of our weekly routine and we couldn’t be having more fun or be feeling better about our health. We are definitely not fitness fanatics…. but at the half century mark we decided its about time we toned up a little and at least became flexible enough to touch our toes!
The range of classes means you never get bored and we ALWAYS finish every class with a smile on our faces! Wouldn’t ever go back to life pre Tessfit. Thanks for the motivation!

Neil & Sue Cook

Range of Classes

Thank you Tess for your fab live classes, you are a great motivator and you push us but with a sense of humour too.  A very big thank you for your online classes during lockdown.  They have kept me sain (and hopefully fitter!), with a great variety to choose from and again with your humour so we can all laugh with you and know we are all human!

Sam x

Live Classes & On-Line Fun

I have just joined the Friday “Young at Heart” class and after 3 weeks my joints are definitely moving better.  Tess is an excellent teacher and never takes her eye off the ball and always aware of any problems a client may be having. You work as hard as you feel able to and are not pressured in any way but always encouraged. She is so cheerful and upbeat that is so infectious to her people.  I am nearly 73 so obviously not as mobile as once was and felt as if I was seizing up, definitely a big improvement.  Highly recommend her!

Maggie Lucas

Love the classes Tess is a great teacher. Fun classes that I always  leave feeling good

Janet Vallance

Karen recently completed a Nutrition & Weight Management course with me.  These were her comments:

  • During the 1-1 sessions I felt motivated and inspired to carry out the advice and information given to me during the hour.
  • The course was more than I had expected.  It has completely changed the way I think about food
  • The course was long enough but it’s good to keep in touch to stay inspired.
  • The benefits I gained over the weeks were an improvement in my fitness, health, weight and everall wellbeing.
  • I was very happy with the course content as it has changed my life!
  • I have become more active & achieved my short -term goals and more.
  • I now receive lots of lovely comments from friends and family remarking how fit and healthy I am looking.
“I Am Now Fit and Healthy”

I have just been on Tess’ nutrition & weight management course and found it very beneficial and informative. I have lost 1 stone in weight and feel much healthier. I also feel motivated to continue in this way.

I would describe this course as an investment into making a lifestyle change without completely changing your life!!, I have never felt as if I am on a diet, Tess has encouraged me to look at the choices I was making and to make changes where needed, I have also been going to her Pilatess and Body Logic classes which I love, (never thought I’d say I love an exercise class) they are inclusive and not at all intimidating.

My husband and daughter are now attending her Pilatess class as well! Tess has inspired me. I would highly recommend!!!

Claire – Nutrition & Weight Management

Feedback after an 8 week course:

  • Having 1-1 with Tess made the sessions more personal
  • I enjoyed all aspects and was happy that Tess also included some personal training in the course
  • An extra benefit is that Tess will take an interest in seeing me keep up the weight loss and become even more active
  • I reached my target and now receive compliments regularly
  • It was a brilliant experience
Ros – Nutrition and Weight Management Course

I completely agree with Liane! Two one to one sessions with Tess and I’m back into exercising after two years doing next to nothing. Now set up a home gym and joined a running club. Thank you Tess x

 I totally agree too!! Lets shout for Tess on my fifth week of 1-1 nutritional/personal training and body logic + classes – feeling energised, positive and a whole lot fitter – thanks Tess 💥

Jackie Williams & Joanne Adams

Feeling fantastic!! Been working with Tess Irons/ Tessfit with her body logic classes and this week did 1-1 on Nutrition and this afternoon 1 hour personal training. This woman is wonderful! I feel exhausted but feel like i could run a marathon all at once. She takes time even in classes of 12 which are so affordable to help you get what you want out of them, I felt like my legs were going to drop off doing those burpies & scissors but Tess kept me going with her huge smile and her even bigger positive personality to just do those 3 more reps. I am so excited to get my work out set for home so i can exercise much more. I feel better, i’m sleeping great, i’m eating better yet more food which i’m loving, my stress levels are lower, i don’t ‘snap’ as much over stuff at home or work and most of all i really feel like i am going to be able get the body i want and be as fit & healthy as i want long before 2015 is out. If anyone is wanting a PT or a relaxed, fun & affordable fitness class look absolutely no further than Tess heart emoticon. P.S Tess feel free to use this on your website, social media etc as a testimonial from me, it really has been wonderful over the last 4 weeks attending your classes and this week the 1-1 sessions and i am buzzing to carry on, it’s wonderful to feel so positive in literally everything i am doing, never knew exercise could help so much. xx

Liane Collins

Nutrition & Weight Management course: Feedback

This course exceeded my expectations.  I enjoyed the sessions and learning about food management.  the course was a good length and I learnt a lot about nutrition and exercise.

I achieved my goal of losing weight and changing shape.  I also changed my thoughts about nutrition and know it is a change for life.  I would recommend this course to others.


Nutrition & Weight management 8 week course: Feedback

“I enjoyed getting information in a manner that was easy to understand and digest.  There was plenty of time to build up my motivation which I struggles with to start with.

I have become a lot more active, being active from none to 4 times a week!  My food knowledge has increased and I am very happy.

Thank you very much.


Nutrition & Weight Management 8 week course: Feedback

“Chatting with someone who really understood was the most enjoyable part of the course. I though I wouldn’t get any results but not only have I lost weight I have lost inches too.  I now have motivation and the desire to exercise!  I would recommend this course to others.”


Since becoming a mum, I have wanted for a long time to improve my shape and increase my core strength. Between work and the children, I never have chance to attend a regular fitness class. My friend and I heard about Tess and plucked up the courage to ask her whether she could come to one of houses – at a time to suit us. We were delighted when she said yes – our own personal trainer! We meet fortnightly and have core strength ‘homework’ to do. I am noticing a difference in my body shape already. The price is reasonable, the sessions are always fun and I am finally doing something about my ‘mummy tummy’. Thank you Tess.

Personal Training Client

After years of running and doing traditional aerobics with little change to my shape I have finally found a different way of exercising which brings results! Thanks Tess – I’m really enjoying your personal training sessions and am feeling great.

Tess Client

It seemed a joke that a wreck like me with a permanently broken pelvis, an arthritic spine etc could go to a Fitness class! But TessFit has made an amazing difference to me. I can’t quite believe what I can do now that I couldn’t before. Even more amazingly, because Tess is such a charismatic teacher, introduces so much variety, adapts some exercises for me and chooses such good music, I really enjoy it!!

Tess Client

I am nearly 60yrs old and have been going regularly to Tessfit having not done any exercise for the last 15+ years and have found it great. The hour goes so quickly and the choice of music is great.

Tess Client

Really enjoyable class, Tess makes hard work fun…if that’s possible!

Tess Client

Excellent workout to great music and Tess makes it fun too!

Tess Client

Good fun, Great music, the best way to keep fit!

Tess Client

Fun and effective, hard work without the effort – Love it!!

Tess Client

Fab class, enjoyable, fun and feel energised at the end. Tess is a great instructor and explains all in detail.

Tess Client

Great for everyone, you can work to your own pace in a fun and unpressured way.

Tess Client

Great class that stretches you in every way. You do it at your level and gain confidence really quickly. Tess is a great instructor.

Tess Client

I have arthritis in my spine and a dodgy knee, Tess kindly said it made no difference and I was made to feel very welcome. I can’t tell you how brilliant it was, so varied and everyone was having fun. It has made me feel quite differently about myself, so much more positive. I can’t thank you enough Tess.

Tess Client

Brilliant fun – where did the time go????

Body Logic Client

Another excellent fun hour spent tonight….. There wasn’t a muscle unused! Thanks Tess!


Really enjoyed body logic last night. Was great to do something other than Les Mills classes. And I could definitely feel it today!


Great fun! Worked muscles in all the right places


​”After years of running and doing traditional aerobics with little change to my shape I have finally found a different way of exercising which brings results!

Thanks Tess – I’m really enjoying your personal training sessions and am feeling great!”

Tess Client



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