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Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit

Designed for both
men and women
of all ages...

Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit

Enjoy Excercise
Fitness without the Gym

Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit
Designed for both men and women of all ages
Fitness without the gym
Nutrition without the confusion

Body Logic Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit

There are five different types of fitness classes running throughout the week

Body Logic Classes £6

  • Unique to Tessfit
  • Low impact classes for men and women of all ages and abilities.
  • Increase fitness, flexibility and tone.
  • Inspirational and fun with great music.
  • Exercises which use the logic behind the work to get maximum results.

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Body Blast Classes £6 (See a video here)

  • Enjoy some elements of a Body logic class with a more energetic vibe.
  • Varied and challenging.
  • Will get your heart pumping but not so fast you won’t want to come back!

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PilaTess – Pilates Classes £6

  • A Pilates class with the Tessfit twist!
  • Music selected to help coordination and strong controlled movement.
  • Improves balance and core strength to help rid you of aches and pains and keep you injury free.

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Young at Heart Classes £6

  • Mobility, strength, coordination and balance are the aims of this sociable class
  • All activities are adaptable to be performed within each person’s ability
  • Chairs are on hand throughout the class
  • Different equipment is used to keep things fun and interesting
  • Comfortable clothes and your enthusiasm are all that are needed
  • It is a 45 minute class and costs £6

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Body Re-boot Classes £6

  • Ideal for anyone who feels their batteries have gone flat!
  • Perfect for those who have been out of exercise for a while.
  • People recovering from injury or with medical conditions that limit their physical ability would benefit from this zero impact class.
  • Attending Pilates but would like to add something extra for toning and/or weight-loss?
  • Tried a Body Logic class and found it a bit too much?
  • This class sits between Body Logic and Pilates in terms of effort required!
  • There is no age limit and would suit those seniors who need an evening class because they are not available during working hours

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Everyone is equally welcome, these classes are relaxed and inclusive

Join me in the studio at Steve’s Gym in Newton Abbot to become part of the Tessfit team


  • It’s personal – I notice each person individually and ensure you are happy and comfortable at all times.
  • You don’t need to worry about keeping up with steps. It’s not complicated, and you can work at your own level without pressure or embarrassment.
  • I only run small classes – no more than 12 (14 in PilaTess). That keeps it friendly, so you can meet people properly, and no-one gets lost in the crowd.
  • My exercises are adaptable. You will never have to sit out an exercise for health reasons – I will always adapt and personalise exercises so you can gain the most benefit.
  • No matter what your personal health challenges, I work to your needs. So many of my clients have found it enabling, and liberating to exercise in a new way!
  • You can work on your own or with others, giving you the chance to make new friendships.
  • We move around the room during the session, so it keeps a fresh feel to the classes, and helps the time fly!
  • I take smiling seriously! The classes are about doing effective exercise, while having fun.

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Body Logic

Tuesday: 6.30pm
Wednesday: 6pm
Thursday: 10am and 7pm


Monday – 9am

Monday –10am

Monday – 6pm

Tuesday – 11am
Tuesday – 7.30pm

Wednesday – 9.30am
Thursday – 8pm

Body Re-boot

Thursday – 6pm

Body Blast

Monday – 7pm
Wednesday – 7pm

Young At Heart

Monday – 11am – 11.45am
Wednesday – 10.30am – 11.15am
Friday – 9.45am – 10.30am

Cost: £6.00 per class


The Studio, Steve's Gym - Venture Court,
Bradley Lane, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1NB


- Telephone or text to 07736 889274
- Use our booking calendar - Book now