PilaTess – Pilates Classes / 45 mins - 1 hour

As a fully qualified Pilates instructor I enjoy including elements of all levels of Pilates from Basic to Advanced.  No previous experience is required as I teach each movement and sometimes you simply follow my lead.  There will always be challenges for those who want to take things to the next level. You can work at a level that suits you and be completely relaxed that there will be no pressure to impress.  The music is as varied as the exercises and aims to calmly motivate you.

  • A Pilates class with the Tessfit twist!
  • Improves balance and core strength to help rid you of aches and pains and keep you injury free.
  • A mixed level class with exercises layered to suit all abilities.

Body Logic Classes / 1 hour

This was the original class that started Tessfit.  Based on aerobics it is the backbone for all the other classes which stemmed from here. A combination of exercises to music using a variety of equipment or simply your own body weight.  It is a very relaxed class and always has some fun elements included.

  • Low impact class which uses the logic behind the work to get maximum results.
  • Increase fitness, flexibility and tone.
  • Inspirational and fun with great music.

Body Blast Classes - 1 hour

This is the next step up from Body Logic in terms of fitness levels.  Each week the focus will be on either strength or cardio and sometimes a combination of the two.  Intervals of all description will be experienced.  Everyone is welcome, as building your fitness level is the purpose and we all have to start somewhere.  Rests can be taken and there are also adaptations for those who need them.

  • A more energetic vibe with various styles of interval training incorporated.
  • Varied and challenging.
  • Will get your heart pumping but not so fast you won’t want to come back!

Body Re-boot Classes / 1 hour

The newest class to be added to Tessfit.  It fills the gap for existing clients who have tried a Body Logic class and found it a bit too much.  Pilates clients who would like to add something extra for toning and/or weight-loss. Newcomers will find a fun relaxed class that I instruct and assist.  It is the perfect starting point.

  • Ideal for anyone who feels their batteries have gone flat or have been out of exercise for a while.
  • People recovering from injury or with mild medical conditions that limit their physical ability would benefit from this zero impact class.
  • This class sits between Body Logic and Pilates in terms of effort required!

Young At Heart Classes / 45 minutes

This is suitable for anyone who feels more comfortable exercising without the worry about having to get up and down from the floor.  There will be no impact movements as the aim is to increase muscle and bone strength which in turn will improve balance and general functional ability. This is a very friendly and relaxed class with plenty of fun.

  • Mobility, strength, coordination and balance are the aims of this sociable class
  • All activities are adaptable to be performed within each person’s ability
  • Different equipment is used to keep things fun and interesting

1-1 Personal Training / 1 hour / £35

Getting on well with your personal trainer is vital if success is to be achieved.  I have a friendly and positive personality with a strong desire to help people, which will be evident during your sessions.

I take sessions wherever you feel most comfortable.  Your home, the studio where the classes are held or outside in the fresh air.  It is your session so you get to choose.  I will work at the correct level for you in order to give you confidence and the ability to progress at a steady pace. Each session will be different, variety keeps you interested and motivated.

  • First informal meeting will be free of charge to simply discuss your needs.
  • I believe teaching people to understand how their body works and what each exercise achieves is all part of delivering effective personal training.
  • Anyone who needs some uncomplicated ideas and motivation to kick start or improve their fitness needs to take that first step, call me!



Tessfit brings a completely fresh approach to fitness, TessFit Logoexercise and nutrition in Newton Abbot.

Based on the belief that the best exercise is the one you enjoy, Tessfit is all about enjoyment.

Tessfit is designed for both men and women of all ages.

- Fitness without the gym
- Nutrition without the confusion
- Pilates classes with the Tessfit twist!
​- Body Logic classes designed and delivered as only Tessfit can


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