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Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit

Designed for both
men and women
of all ages...

Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit

Enjoy Excercise
Fitness without the Gym

Fitness Classes in Newton Abbot with TessFit
Designed for both men and women of all ages
Fitness without the gym
Nutrition without the confusion

Nutrition & Weight Nutrition pageManagement  Advice

A friendly service that is flexible in both cost and delivery.

  • Is my diet a healthy one?
  • What is my goal, can I achieve it?
  • How can I improve my diet? What changes do I need to make?
  • How do I get motivation and ideas?
  • Variety and balance is essential.
  • Simple sustainable changes that work for you as an individual are the key.

​The list of questions is endless as it involves nutrition and weight management.  Your success will depend on getting the right answers. My aim is to ensure you regain control of your weight and move forward with a positive and contented attitude towards your eating habits.

For an informal chat with no obligation just give me a call.

Our first meeting will be free of charge to simply discuss your needs.


I have just joined the Friday “Young at Heart” class and after 3 weeks my joints are definitely moving better.  Tess is an excellent teacher and never takes her eye off the ball and always aware of any problems a client may be having. You work as hard as you feel able to and are not pressured in any way but always encouraged. She is so cheerful and upbeat that is so infectious to her people.  I am nearly 73 so obviously not as mobile as once was and felt as if I was seizing up, definitely a big improvement.  Highly recommend her!

Maggie Lucas

Love the classes Tess is a great teacher. Fun classes that I always  leave feeling good

Janet Vallance

Karen recently completed a Nutrition & Weight Management course with me.  These were her comments:

  • During the 1-1 sessions I felt motivated and inspired to carry out the advice and information given to me during the hour.
  • The course was more than I had expected.  It has completely changed the way I think about food
  • The course was long enough but it’s good to keep in touch to stay inspired.
  • The benefits I gained over the weeks were an improvement in my fitness, health, weight and everall wellbeing.
  • I was very happy with the course content as it has changed my life!
  • I have become more active & achieved my short -term goals and more.
  • I now receive lots of lovely comments from friends and family remarking how fit and healthy I am looking.
“I Am Now Fit and Healthy”

I have just been on Tess’ nutrition & weight management course and found it very beneficial and informative. I have lost 1 stone in weight and feel much healthier. I also feel motivated to continue in this way.

I would describe this course as an investment into making a lifestyle change without completely changing your life!!, I have never felt as if I am on a diet, Tess has encouraged me to look at the choices I was making and to make changes where needed, I have also been going to her Pilatess and Body Logic classes which I love, (never thought I’d say I love an exercise class) they are inclusive and not at all intimidating.

My husband and daughter are now attending her Pilatess class as well! Tess has inspired me. I would highly recommend!!!

Claire – Nutrition & Weight Management