TessTalks is the newest section of Tessfit and was developed partly as a result of the national lockdown and partly because it fits perfectly with the one-to-one services already available.  I have written a blog which explains what it is all about in detail, just head over to the Blog section for a read or click on this link.  Here are the basics, by way of introduction.

TessTalks will be a video or voice call coaching and guidance session.

I will be using my experience of working with clients who all have very individual needs, to deliver this service in an accessible and affordable way.

Health and wellbeing will be at the heart of every session; however, no subject is off limits. You can literally ask me anything.  The bottom line is; if it matters to you then it is important and we need to talk!

There is a vital link between Personal Training, the Nutrition & Weight Management advice I can give and the communication that is required to do both. Helping you long-term, is what drives me.

Confidentiality is guaranteed and in return I expect complete honesty.  I realise this can take some bravery, but you will be in a safe space and the more you put into the session, the more you will get out.

Some examples of the issues I expect TessTalks to tackle are:

  • Wanting to lose weight but can’t face dieting.  Feeling overwhelmed with information on this vast subject.
  • Needing motivation and an understanding as to why you can’t get started.
  • Wanting advice on keeping active and healthy. How to find the time and energy?
  • Just not feeling how you want to about your life.

Good communication goes hand in hand with a happy life but how many times have you not been heard?


The Initial Session:

An initial 30 minute free call will get you started.

How to book your initial session:

I want this service to be as flexible as possible so there won’t be bookable ‘slots.’ Contact me directly via email, text or phone and we can arrange a suitable day and time for the session.

Future Sessions:

These can be arranged as often as you wish and at varying days and times.  The frequency and number will always be flexible.

The cost:

After the free session there will be a fee of £15 per 45 minute call which can be paid in advance via PayPal or On-line banking.


Just as with the classes, you are free to cancel and will receive a full refund providing this is received within 24 hours of your session.

Book your Initial Session:

Call Tess on 07736889274

Or fill in this form:



    Tessfit brings a completely fresh approach to fitness, TessFit Logoexercise and nutrition in Newton Abbot.

    Based on the belief that the best exercise is the one you enjoy, Tessfit is all about enjoyment.

    Tessfit is designed for both men and women of all ages.

    - Fitness without the gym
    - Nutrition without the confusion
    - Pilates classes with the Tessfit twist!
    ​- Body Logic classes designed and delivered as only Tessfit can


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