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It has been an exciting week in the studio, I have a new padlock! Yes that’s right, a whole padlock all to myself.  This means I can clean equipment to my hearts content and lock it all away in the knowledge that no unsanitised hands can touch it! Happy Days 🙂

The September timetable is now available to view on the website.

New Timetable from September 4th 2020

Goodbye to Garden Classes

They started as a try-it-and-see venture.  13 weeks later and only a handful of rained off classes we are about to enter the last week.  It is not too late to exerience the joy of a Garden Class.

The sky above, the grass below and the fresh air all around is a recipe for energising fun.  I will seriously miss these sessions and thank everyone who came and supported the ‘grounded’ version of Tessfit!  Without you it would have been, well, gardening I suppose!

Garden Class & Studio Bookings

Low confidence? Lack of motivation? Unhealthy eating patterns? Read on…

Sandy is a Tessfit Trooper. She is a local therapist and has told me about a group she is starting in January open to anyone who may be interested. The group is for people who want to develop or change certain aspects of their life eg low confidence, lack of motivation, unhealthy patterns such as drinking/eating too much.
If you are interested then take a look at the video describing more about it.

Click here for the video

Venture Fitness

If you haven’t yet returned to Tessfit studio classes you may not have seen the huge improvements that Venture Fitness have made.  There are also new showers, toilets, areas for changing and even a hairdryer! It not only looks better, it feels better 🙂  Never have I worked alongside such enthusistic, helpful and committed young people.  Yes I know that makes me sound like their proud mum, but I am also very grateful to them!

Looks like a windy weekend which is great as I have a triathlon and am hoping to be blown across the lake in my wetsuit, swept up the hills on my bike and have a sense of flying as I run over the finish line!

Have a good one whatever you do.




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