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Fitness Isn’t a Seasonal Hobby, it is a Lifestyle

Fitness Isn’t a Seasonal Hobby, it is a Lifestyle

Hands up who wants to be healthier and fitter in 2017?

Here’s a tip: Forget the New Year resolution mentality and instead think long-term.  Changes to your health and fitness need to last a lifetime if they are to be worthwhile.

Fad diets and exercise regimes have one thing in common: They are quick fixes which are short-lived.

Don’t think about what you can cram into January, think about what you can sustain all year long.

Fun and variety is the backbone of my business, it has not only helped make Tessfit a success but keeps me motivated every day. Psychology is a huge part of fitness and weight management but is so often ignored.  If I suggest to a client that they start to include foods that they don’t like, would it work?  If I encouraged a client to attend a class that didn’t suit them, would they keep coming?

The answers are so obvious and yet we often do this to ourselves!

Unless you are planning to focus on one sport to a high level, the fitness world is your oyster.  Bike rides, weights, swimming, sports, fitness classes, walks……the list is long enough to do something different every day.

The worse you are at an activity the more calories you burn thanks to your inefficiency!  Watch a beginner ski and you will understand.  Being safe is paramount of course but if weight-loss is one of your goals then trying something new could turn out to be very beneficial.


Don’t do it alone:

Never underestimate the sociological perspective of fitness.  Joining classes or clubs not only gives you a fun session to enjoy but it also gives you that social contact which in turn motivates you and helps to stimulate long-term success.

Finding the right environment for you and working out with other people is an essential part of sustained fitness.

Forget about losing weight, improve your body composition

It is often mistakenly believed that if you want to lose weight then building muscle mass is detrimental.  This could not be further from the truth.  The more muscle you have the higher your resting metabolic rate is.  In other words, you will burn more calories (energy) when at rest.

The biggest muscles are your glutes (buttocks), hamstrings (back of the thighs) and quads (thighs).  Work these hard and you create a furnace for the burning of those calories!

If you attend any of my classes you will not avoid this furnace!

Improving your ratio of muscle to fat will enhance your posture, pulling you upright and making you look not only better, but taller too.  The chances of injuries and mobility problems in the future will also diminish.

Don’t buy scales for Christmas!

No one wants to start the New Year depressed! Seriously though, seeing a smaller number on those pesky things or being healthier and looking better are two very different things.  It is possible to keep a similar weight but look and feel fantastic.  The slimmest people are often not the healthiest.

“Focus on what your body can do rather than let the scale define you”

For me 2017 will be as wonderful as 2016 has been.  I know this because I know who I am, what I am capable of, what my shortcomings are and how to manage them.  I am happy, and if I can make those around me feel happy too I could ask for nothing more.

Here’s to your 2017 and everything you want to be.  Make it happen.



About the Author

I have been involved in fitness all my life but never been hugely competitive. Entering the world of fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutrition advisor, I leant how simple it is to stay in shape without becoming a gym fanatic or elite athlete. I am neither, by the way!

So after 17 years of managing the swimming school and taking rowing classes at Newton Abbot Leisure Centre, I decided it was time to do something that would give me a different type of job satisfaction. Offering a service that directly influences someone’s wellbeing, seemed a good choice.

So, I studied the mechanics of exercise versus body shape and began to understand why so many people who have exercise routines that sometimes seem excessive, never see the changes they are hoping for. This led me to I set up Tessfit which tackles this conundrum. It is a real mix and match offering between nutrition and weight management advice, fitness classes and personal training. A combination which is proving to be highly successful for everyone involved.

I now work from home and run my classes and indoor Personal Training sessions at Venture Fitness in Newton Abbot. It is a great balance and not only do I love my work, I also get to spend more time with my family which is invaluable.​.

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