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Put your bare foot forward!

Put your bare foot forward!

Have you ever wondered what you should wear on your feet for your Pilatess class? In my blog this month I will try to explain why the correct answer is nothing! (If you prefer for reasons of hygiene, or just to keep your feet warm in the studio non slip socks are also acceptable.)

The foot is an amazing structure of 26 bones and 25 articulating joints. The foot has many proprioceptors that provide information about where the foot is on the ground. Pilatess is one of the few exercise programs that considers the foot as a part of the body that needs strength and flexibility.

The foot is the foundation of the body; balance in the feet sets up optimal activity through the legs, pelvis and core muscles. If there is weakness or imbalance in the feet, the body will be weak and imbalanced.

Your feet are like a minnow bucket full of sensory neurons, all of them wriggling around in search of sensation. Only the face and hands compare with the feet for instant-messaging capabilities, your toes are as finely wired as your lips and fingertips.

Just try wearing thick gloves all day preferably with solid rubber palms!!

By going barefoot in your Pilatess class you maximise the benefit of the different exercises that encourage all over body conditioning.

Today, many doctors and researchers are considering the implications of footwear and how it may actually impede the natural biomechanics of the foot. Strained hamstrings, plantar fasciitis (heel pain) and knee problems are just a few of the wide range of injuries that can possibly be attributed to the adoption of running shoes since the 1970’s.

If you need any further encouragement to discard your shoes read “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, it is an epic adventure that began with one simple question: why does my foot hurt?

I look forward to seeing you all in your next pilatess class unshod and raring to go!

About the Author

Having been involved in fitness all my life but never being competitive, I was fascinated to learn how simple it is to stay in shape without entering the world of the gym fanatic or elite athlete.​ So after 17 years managing the swimming school and taking rowing classes at Newton Abbot Leisure Centre, I decided it was time to do something that would give me an even greater sense of achievement and job satisfaction.

​I studied the mechanics of exercise versus shape and began to understand why so many people who have exercise routines that sometimes seem excessive, never see a change in their shape.

I set up Tessfit which tackles this conundrum and it is a real mix and match offering between nutrition and weight management advice, fitness classes and personal training.

I now work from home and run my classes at Steves Gym in Newton Abbot. It is a great balance and apart from loving my work I now also get to spend valuable time with my family.​.

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