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Core Training for Body Efficiency

If you take part in regular exercise it may not mean you are an athlete, but that is not to say that a lot of the advice given to athletes isn’t also relevant to you. Proper, consistent core training helps …

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Fitness Isn’t a Seasonal Hobby, it is a Lifestyle

Hands up who wants to be healthier and fitter in 2017? Here’s a tip: Forget the New Year resolution mentality and instead think long-term.  Changes to your health and fitness need to last a lifetime if they are to be …

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To Run or Not To Run?

It makes sense to believe the saying “If you always do the same thing you will get always get the same results” in other words, without change no new results will be achieved.  Not everyone wants or needs to lose weight …

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The Challenge

  How ‘The Challenge’ was born: When I knew that my 50th birthday celebration was to involve skiing in the French Alps, my immediate reaction was joy.  It is my favourite sport and one that never fails to excite me.  These emotions were …

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