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Fitness Isn’t a Seasonal Hobby, it is a Lifestyle

Hands up who wants to be healthier and fitter in 2017? Here’s a tip: Forget the New Year resolution mentality and instead think long-term.  Changes to your health and fitness need to last a lifetime if they are to be worthwhile. Fad diets and exercise regimes have one thing...

Why am I not losing weight even though I am exercising?

The short answer is likely to be that you are consuming more calories than you are expending. I have written about over-rewarding our exercise efforts in previous blogs but let’s look at the question “Why am I not losing weight even though I am exercising?” in...

Diet Not Working? Read this

The best diet for you might not be the ideal fit for your best friend who does something completely different. And guess what? Both might be right! Because at the end of the day, finding what works for you is what matters the most! I am a big fan of the word...

Drop The Diet

This post was sent to me by a client who thought I must have written it! I can understand why, it reinforces so much of what I know to be the common-sense approach to getting in shape for life. Had I not tried so many fad diets in my lifetime and actually dieted myself fat, I...